Google Play Games testing new smart ‘Hub’ as Gaming News Feed

The page will feature news related to games you play or that are trending.

Mobile gaming rarely receives as much attention and coverage as it should. There are a huge number of developers working to make the best games for Android. While the big titles like Super Mario Bros, Pokemon Go, PUBG and Fortnite are talked about extensively, the barrage of games that are released every week on the Play Store goes unattended.

Hopefully, a new platform under Google Play Games called the ‘Hub’ will fix that problem.


Noticed first by XDA developer Quinny899 and later confirmed by XDA, the Google Play Games app is testing a new ‘Hub’ platform, which will be a news feed related to games you have installed or games that are trending. From the looks of it, Google plans on making Play Games the one-stop solution for everything related to Android gaming. The ‘Hub’ is simply the addition of news to that package.

As reported by XDA, the Hub doesn’t seem to be as customizable as the news feed on the Google app. You can’t hide or reject headlines based on your interest, at least for now.

Google knows which games you have installed, and will use that data to give you relevant news regarding those games. Also, of course, the Hub will feature trending games from time to time.

The Hub feature is still in testing, and nobody knows when or if it’s going to be released to a wider audience. The Hub was tested by XDA on version 5.10.6082 of Google Play Games.

One thing is for sure, there is no dedicated space for discussion and interaction regarding Android Games. As the community grows and mobile gaming gets more extensive and feature rich, a dedicated platform for news and announcements related to mobile gaming will be required. The Hub might just be Google’s attempt to fulfil that need.

Nishant Kauntia
Nishant is a tech-enthusiast, and keeps experimenting with new apps and tweaks on his Chromebook and Android smartphone. Innovative user-experience developments fascinate him. Apart from keeping a keen eye out for updates in the tech industry, Nishant is interested in Philosophy and Creative Writing.