SOLVED: Google Play Error BM-PPH-10

Google wallet is an excellent application to manage your credit cards and make payments with. There are some errors that have a habit of popping-up in the application though. The errors normally have strange codes that are used to recognize their causes.  Take the bm-pph-10 error for example. It’s one of the most frequently occurring ones and can cause you a lot of trouble by not getting fixed easily.


The bm-pph-10 error in theory occurs when there is a discrepancy in your Google Wallet settings. If you have entered any incorrect information that doesn’t match exactly with the information that is in your device (Country/ city/address/name etc.) then you can get this error. However there is a possibility for it to occur even if there isn’t any such mistake. Are you troubled by this error a little too much too? Well then your worrying days are about to end! Follow these steps to ensure that you never see the face of this error again:

Login to your Google wallet account by accessing the website

On the left hand side you will see “Payment method”. Under this section, you will see fields for your “Address” and “Credit Card”. Click on “More” and then you will find another “Address” section. Enter the same address that you have entered under the “Payment method” section.

You will also see a gear icon on the top right hand side. These are the settings. Click on it and put in the same address.

It’s highly likely that you might have a different address in one of the above mentioned places. Once you fix this, you will no longer have the problem.

Once this is done you should also clear data in Google Play Store, Google Play Services, and Google Services Framework. After clearing the data, reboot your phone and then try purchasing.

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SOLVED: Google Play Error BM-PPH-10

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