Google Plans to Introduce a Gaming Platform which could take on Playstation and Xbox

According to sources, Google is planning to introduce a gaming platform based on a three-tier approach which will include: 1) a kind of a streaming platform, 2) hardware of some sort 3) an attempt at bringing game developers under Google’s umbrella, which will be achieved either through major acquisitions or aggressive recruiting. The source of this news comes from five people who have supposedly been briefed regarding this plan of Google or have heard regarding it from secondary sources.

Even though Google has quite a long history of hiring game developers for different projects that do not procure any results, this time the chatter regarding this new gaming platform is relatively louder and stronger. In March, Google representatives reportedly met with various big video game developing companies at the Game Developers Conference for gauging interest in its streaming platform. This platform is code-named as Yeti, the existence of which was initially reported by the website The Information in the previous year. Google also had taken meetings in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and according to sources, the company is not only looking at impressing the game developers to the Yeti service but is also planning to buy development studios completely. Google’s representatives were not available for comment on this.

This streaming platform from Google will offload the functioning of rendering graphics towards beefy computers somewhere else. This action will consequently allow the cheapest personal computers to be able to play high-end games. Any potential hardware barriers will also lose their place. There is lesser information available regarding Google’s hardware involved in this. However, the rumors do suggest that it will be linked up with the streaming service somehow.

The game developers who have been contacted for comment remain skeptical about this rumor, mainly due to Google’s history of initiating and later abandoning initiatives. A lack of appropriate internet infrastructure across most of rural America is also to be blamed. However, one thing remains certain. Google wishes to make a proper comeback in the gaming arena and is serious about it. It has been making massive hiring of video game marketers and developers from EA, Playstation and several other top companies. Only time will now tell whether this project materializes or vanishes into thin air like always.

Maira Ahmed
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Google Plans to Introduce a Gaming Platform which could take on Playstation and Xbox

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