Google Pixel’s Active Edge Squeeze Can Now Be Customized to Do Any Action, Feature Gets Ported to Custom Roms

-As mobile operating systems keep on improving, the experience gap across different hardware seems to be decreasing. As of today you can buy any mid-range Android phone and get the same vanilla Android experience you expect from a flagship smartphone. As the gap keeps decreasing, smartphone manufacturers are willing to go to lengths to include some unique features and make their devices stand out from the crowd. As a part of this wave, came the Active Edge Squeeze, which was introduced with the Google Pixel 2 and eventually made its way over to the Pixel 3 as well.

The Active Edge Squeeze feature basically comes with no customization options, you can squeeze to launch Google Assistant or silence the phone if you squeeze while it’s ringing, that’s it. That changes today thanks to Jertlok, an XDA member, who has ported the Edge Squeeze feature to be used openly by any Custom ROM developers. Dirty Unicorns ROM development team made the announcement on Twitter.

Active Edge Options in Custom ROMs

The Active Edge Squeeze can now be used to trigger almost any action you can think of. It can be used to take a picture, toggle the flashlight, clear notifications, show the volume panel, turn the screen off, show notifications, and show the Quick Settings panel. Once Custom ROM developers start using this port, the possibilities will be endless.

Sahas Arya
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