Google Pixel Watch Priced At $349.99, Features a Chipset Dating Back To 2018

A while back, Google scheduled a yet-to-occur ‘hardware event‘ where the new Pixel 7 series and a new Pixel Watch will be announced. Now that we know almost everything about these devices, not a lot of questions/speculations remain. However today, from 9to5google we did come across the ‘leaked’ pricing for Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch.

The Pixel Watch

Android wearable devices have suffered quite a lot in the recent years due to the lack of optimization. However, Google could not leave such a huge market in the dark citing a lost opportunity, they planned to announce their Pixel Watch in collaboration with Samsung. This combination gives you, the user, the best of both worlds. From Google’s software optimization and Samsung’s enhanced hardware, expect no loose end.

Initially, it was thought that the Pixel Watch will cost you $399.99. However, today 9to5google through their sources managed to obtain the retail pricing for WiFi/Bluetooth variant. This version for the Pixel Watch starts at $349.99


The WiFi/Bluetooth variant will be available in a Black case/ Obsidian band, Silver/Chalk, and Gold/Hazel. Whereas the LTE variant will ship with a Black/Obsidian, Silver/Charcoal, and Gold/Hazel design.

Pixel Watch WiFi/Bluetooth Price | 9to5google

A Rather High Price

This price tag will indeed hurt your wallet and is more expensive than other Android competitors. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 starts at $279 for the 40mm variant whereas the 44mm variant will cost you $309 as pointed out by 9to5google. These devices are powered by a sapphire display, Wear OS 3 and a battery lasting many days. 

An Old Chipset

9to5google reports that the new Pixel Watch will make use of a chipset that dates back to 2018. Technology improves vastly in a span of 4 years. A high-end chip from 2018 can be outclassed by a new budget chip in 2022. This indeed is a major set back for enthusiasts, however, the only confirmation would be Google themself. 


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