Latest Google Pixel Smartphones Available On Verizon Mobile Confirms US Telecom Giant

Google’s Pixel-branded Android smartphones will continue to be available on Verizon Mobile. The US telecom giant has confirmed that all the current generation and upcoming Google’s Pixel phones will be supported and available.

Verizon Mobile has dispelled the rising rumors and concerns about Google Pixel Android smartphones being dropped from their catalog. The company categorically noted that it will continue to carry Google’s Pixel phones throughout 2020.

Verizon To Continue Support And Offer Plans That Include The Current And Upcoming Google Pixel Android Smartphones:

There were persistent rumors on the social media that claimed Verizon Mobile will stop offering plans that include the Google Pixel Android smartphones. In other words, the telecom company won’t offer subscriptions that include an upgrade to any upcoming Google Pixel devices. The rumors started after a story published by Android Police late last night that reported Verizon has “no intention” of selling future Pixel phones.

Following the uproar on social media, the publication quickly retracted the story and claimed its source was likely looking at unreliable or outdated information. It is interesting to note that Verizon hasn’t claimed it was even considering dropping Google Pixel devices from its catalog. However, following the release of the story, a Verizon spokesperson noted, “This story is completely untrue and Verizon is fully committed to supporting Google in 2020.” A Google spokesperson reaffirmed that the story is “not true” as well.

Google Pixel Sales Depend A Lot On Career Support?

The majority of Google’s Pixel Android Smartphones have sold through career subscription plans. In fact, the Pixel’s biggest sales channel has been Verizon Mobile. The telecom company had exclusive rights to sell the first three models of the premium Android smartphones in the US. It appears Verizon Mobile provided a lot of the marketing push behind them.

Market analysts argue that it was the Google and Verizon partnership that helped the search giant get is Pixel brand launched. The more recent Pixel 3A and 4 were the first Pixel models to be available across multiple carriers in the US.

While unlocked Pixel devices are commonly available in the US, a vast number of sales, through upgrades, happen through carriers. Hence the immediate reaction from the telecom company was quite expected. Any delay in offering a reaction could have significantly impacted customer confidence.

There’s no doubt that the Google Pixel-branded Android smartphone sales have been rather slow or sluggish in recent years. The primary reason might have been the increasing number of Chinese smartphones from Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, and many others that have powerful hardware and available at highly attractive prices. In fact, Pixel devices’ sales started picking up only after Google released a low-cost model last year.

Considering the sales rejuvenated after the introduction of an attractively priced Pixel smartphone, Google is expected to announce a lower-cost Pixel 4A in the next few months, followed by Pixel 5. As confirmed by Verizon, these devices will be available under upgrade and new subscription packages.

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Latest Google Pixel Smartphones Available On Verizon Mobile Confirms US Telecom Giant

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