Google Pixel 4, 4a & All Future Devices To Have ioXt Certification For Better Security

As much as phones provide convenience to the users, they also come with some risks. The idea of always being connected also comes with a couple of caveats here and there. Google, a company that is known for its huge stores of information has been a great target for information mishandling. So this comes as a good sign coming from the company. In an article posted on 9to5Google, Google has made sure its upcoming Pixel 4a and the current Pixel 4 series are ioXt certified.

ioXt & Google

What is ioXt though. To put it directly it stands for Internet of Secure Things Alliance. What that means is that it is a joint treaty with about 200 or more members involved. It ensures the devices or products registered to it are secure from hackers and information leaches. They specifically target phones in a such a way that you may be connected to a wireless device, be it a speaker, headphones or a router and hackers may get access to your device through those. There are so many other ways too.

For Android devices, there are levels (1-4) of security for each level which define how secure these are. These levels include the biometric system, the security updates and their support and so on. Google, equipped the devices with the Titan M chip. This allows for the first-hand security protocol for the phone. Then we have the promise of 3-year update support. This would mean that with new exploits being developed every day, the phone would not be outdated enough that hackers gain access to it. An important point in this is that these updates, however frequent, they may be, should always have more, minor security updates which help the device stay secure. It seems like this is the plan Google tends to go for. In fact, the company has stated that all future Pixel devices would be rated and certified by the ioXt standards.

Sarmad Burki
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