Google Pixel 3 To Have DXO Rating Of 107, Higher Than iPhone XS

The Same As Huawei Mate 20

Google Pixel 3 is a device that has yet to be released and while we have been getting plenty of leaks and speculations regarding what the upcoming smartphone is going to offer, there is no confirmation regarding the Google Pixel 3 until it has been unveiled and confirmed by Google.

We have a new DXO rating leak that suggests that the Google Pixel 3 will have a better camera than the newly released iPhone XS as well as the iPhone XS Max. Other than that the Google Pixel 3 has the same camera rating as the Huawei Mate 20. You can relative scores included in the leak below:

Google Pixel 3
Leaked DXO Mark Rankings

The new iPhone has been released and there is the less-expensive iPhone XR coming out next month. Android enthusiasts are waiting for the new Android flagship from Google and the Google Pixel 3 is one of the most anticipated smartphones that are supposed to come out this year.

According to the latest reports on the internet, the Pixel 3 will come with a stand that will help with wireless charging, something that the fans have been asking for. The stand could have added features like a built-in speaker and it is expected that when the Google Pixel 3 is docked the UI will change and it will offer a couple of shortcuts like music and more.

It is also possible that then the Google Pixel 3 is docked it will go into an always listening mode much like the Google Home smart speaker. This could be a very interesting feature indeed. You need to take this information with a grain of salt and wait for the official announcement from Google that should be around the corner.

The Google Pixel 3 is expected to be a very powerful device and fans have a lot of expectations from Google. It will be interesting to see the kind of features that the upcoming flagship smartphone from Google will have to offer and how it will differ from the previous Google Pixel 2 as well as devices that are already on the market.

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Google Pixel 3 To Have DXO Rating Of 107, Higher Than iPhone XS

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