Google Pixel 3 AI “Top Shot” Feature Could Be a Game-Changer

Machine Learning Takes a Step Forward With Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 is to be announced later today but we already have some amazing news for you. Google Pixel is introducing new camera features called the “Top Shot,” “Photobooth,” and “Super res Zoom.”

Top Shot is an AI-powered feature exclusive to Google Pixel 3. But we aren’t ruling out its arrival to Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, fingers crossed. Top Shot is a marquee feature for Google’s 2018 smartphone device.

The concept is similar to how Motion Photos work on other smartphone devices to record video.  But Top Shot is much more than that. The feature is selective and works to select the perfect shots through machine learning.

The AI will use smiles, open eyes, and eye contact with the camera to determine the best shot. Top Shot creates a dynamic resolution image where unimportant parts of the image are reduced to 3MP. Meanwhile, the subject remains at peak quality.

The method helps reduce the overall image file size to save storage.  There is a smart capture suggestion section as well.

The camera setup helps take better selfies. The Photobooth automatically find the best shots and the image.

Google AI allows the feature to take pictures when people smile or make other gestures. Another exclusive feature of the Pixel 3 is Super Res Zoom.

Reportedly the feature lets Pixel 3 create artificial detail when zoomed in. Pictures get distortion, noise, and appear pixelated when the camera zoomed in. Super Res Zoom will counter these issues by using Google AI to create detail for a better picture. Pixel 3’s camera could be a game-changer and may force others to finally innovate their camera apps. Apple and Samsung have made little improvements year-over-year with their cameras.

Google will share more details about the device officially later today. Price, availability, and pre-order information is expected soon.

Google Pixel Event Date and Time: San Francisco: 8AM / New York: 11AM / London: 4PM / Berlin: 5PM / Moscow: 6PM / Delhi: 8:30PM / Beijing: 11PM / Tokyo: 12AM (October 10th) / Sydney: 2AM (October 10th).

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Google Pixel 3 AI “Top Shot” Feature Could Be a Game-Changer

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