Google Photos on Android Brings Crop and Adjust Suggestion to Scan Documents Within the App

At I/O 2018 Google revealed that it was planning to bring document scanning capabilities to the Google Photos app. A lot of users have relied on apps like Photo Scan and CamScanner to scan documents on their Android phone. Google is finally rolling out the feature to the most used photos app on smartphones.

Google Photos got to twitter to announce the “Crop and Adjust Documents” feature. Apparently, Google uses AI to recognize when a picture of any document is taken and every such picture when opened, a suggestion ‘Crop & Adjust’ appears. Clicking on it will open an editor to enhance the document image and make it more readable.

This feature crops the image to the size of the document and fine-tunes edges. You can also manually crop, rotate and adjust color. The color feature makes the text clearer and easy to understand. The press and hold to compare with original image element from the image editor works here too.

The official announcement tells us that the new feature will be rolling out this week. The implementation of the suggestions seems to be incomplete though, compared to what was promised last year. When the document scanning capability of the app was being shown off, we were shown that documents can be recognized and converted to PDF right after taking the picture but there was no mention of it in the announcement.

Sahas Arya
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