Google Photos Upcoming Update Is Getting A New Express Backup Feature

Google photos, the widely used image backup app from Google is getting a new update welcoming an Express backup feature. This express backup feature is aimed for regions having expensive internet connection prices.

Google Photos Express Backup

Google photos, a media storage cloud-based app is used by almost everyone these days for backing up their memorable moments. It is an app that can consume a huge amount of data without you knowing. Backing up full resolution photos and videos can be data eating. For the regions having an expensive internet connection rates with packages providing limited data, this can really become a pocket-emptying problem. To counter the situation Google express backup feature will soon be introduced.  This express backup feature will backup a compressed version of your photos and videos to your cloud storage hence, reducing the size. There is an already present photo compression option in Google photos but express will be compressing them even more.

Diving deeper into the features of this upcoming update it’ll allow you to set a daily data usage limit. Google photos will back up until the limit is reached. A user can set the limit to as low as 5MB per day making the backup process quicker and data friendly.  When the limit is reached the backup will be paused until the next day.

Google photos express backup update is soon to be rolled out to the Indian region. Following India, it’ll gradually be released worldwide. This feature can be of great use for people with metered connections who have a keep an eye on their data usage. At the same time wanting to save their precious moments.

Indranil Chowdhury
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