Google Pay Will Implement A QR Code Payment System Soon According To New Leak

With the growth of digital payment services across the globe, Google has been pushing it’s very own service, Google Pay originally known as Android Pay, which lets you transfer and receive money from users as well as pay for goods and services purchased in stores using the NFC module.

Google Pay is now available in more than 20 countries and is making a mark around the world while competing with multiple digital payment apps that users have been already using before the launch of Google Pay. Google is all about being at the top and in this endeavor always bringing new and better quality of life updates which make their services faster and better for the users.

Going with the same approach, based on a news leak from Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter, Google is looking to add a QR code based system for peer-to-peer payments. With this new support added to the application users will be able to generate unique QR codes to send and receive funds which will make it much easier and faster to generate payments in-between users who do not have a frequent interaction and are not available on the contact list of the payee, which was how it was being done so far.

While dates or official development news is not available, according to a Google official source. We can hope that this will hit soon enough as many existing digital payment services such as PayPal, Cash App, Ali Pay etc., that compete with Google in the same market have already integrated this function.

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Google Pay Will Implement A QR Code Payment System Soon According To New Leak

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