Google Pay can now be used to pay friends and do much more

Google has just rolled out a host of new features for it’s integrated payments app Google Pay, which was launched in January this year. Although these features were already announced by the company earlier, but Google through a blog post said that these updates were actually going live on the app today.

Sending money and splitting bills with friends now more convenient.

There won’t be any use for Google Play send anymore, to request money from a friend, this feature has been added to the main Google Pay App. Gerardo Capiel, Google’s Product management director noted that they have now made it even easier to split the bill between people. You can just tap on recent purchases and instantly request money from upto five people.

Store boarding passes and tickets safely

Users can now save concert tickets and boarding passes directly inside the app. As of now there are only two partners, Ticketmaster and South West although Google has assured more vendors like Eventbrite, Singapore Airlines and Vueling will be available soon.

Managing your Google Pay account is now easier

Further, Google has now made changes to the way you manage your account, making the process easier. Payment information of your account can now be seen in the app or you can visit Since this information is now linked to your Google account, any changes will be visible across all devices logged in with your Google Pay account instantly.

Google integrated Android Pay and Google wallet in a single entity earlier this year and launched Google Pay. Now that Google has also added peer-to-peer transfers in it, it seems that Google pay send might be axed soon, although the company didn’t confirm the same.
So if you are using Google pay send for peer-to-peer payment transfers, it might be time to shift to Google Pay.

Indranil Chowdhury
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Google Pay can now be used to pay friends and do much more

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