Google Partners With Automattic to Setup a Publishing Platform For Their News Initiative

Google has invested $1.2 million in publishing platform Newspack

There are times when reporters are unable to find a proper forum where they can publish local news. In order to overcome this problem, Google and Automattic have launched a new publishing platform. The new publishing platform called Newspack has been designed in a way to benefit small to medium sized publications. These publications will be able to generate incremental revenue from it.

Investment from Google

Automattic, the parent company of, has received $2.4 million in funding for Newspack initiative. Half of the funding has come from Google through its Google News Initiative that the company launched last year. The remaining funding came from multiple investors that include Lenfest Institute of Journalism, ConsenSys, Civil Media, and John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

The main aim is that journalists should be more focused on writing news rather than the design of the website. Automaticc will work in collaboration with News Revenue Hub and Spirited Media. The collaboration will help to find out new features that can help in the success of publishers. Constant feedback will be taken regarding Newpack so that the product can turn out to be a hit for everyone.

Currently, there are no plans to launch Newspack until July 2019 at least. The product is not expected to launch even in beta mode till then. But once it is launched, it will be used by more than a dozen websites. However, until February 1, applications for publications, geographies, and models are being accepted. Automattic has said that it will combine the best editorial and business practices from the industry.

The development of the Newspack is expected to run till early 2020 after which it will open up for more than 60 news outlets. The prelaunch phase of the Newspack will be funded by the donors and Automattic. After the end of the period, publications will have to pay $1,000-2,000 per month so that the technological, editorial, and business support can be provided to them throughout.

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Google Partners With Automattic to Setup a Publishing Platform For Their News Initiative

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