Google News Showcase Will Pay Publishers To Offer Select Stories Usually Hidden Behind Paywall

Google is attempting to attract news readers to premium publications that charge readers by hiding the content behind Paywalls. The Google News Showcase will grant access to select paywalled stories, and help publications build relations with readers.

Google will soon offer readers access to paywalled stories through News Showcase. The access will be limited to a few free curated stories. The search giant has indicated the new service is an attempt to support news publishers by paying them to curate high-quality content. Moreover, the service is apparently a part of a broader commitment from Google to help the public find quality news.

What Is Google News Showcase?

Google has confirmed that it will pay participating partners or publications to offer readers limited access to paywalled content. The access will be through News Showcase and is meant for subscribers of the services. “In return, users will register with the news publisher, providing a way for the publisher to build a relationship with the reader,” indicated the company.

When Google’s News Showcase program launched, the search giant said it would pay $1 billion to news publishers in licensing fees. This money would cover the news publication fees that might have been otherwise lost against free access to paywalled content.

How Will Google News Showcase Work?

Google News Showcase will be introducing a new type of panel. This would include a list of important articles selected daily by their favorite publishers. For example, if users follow a news outlet that covers local stories, the new panel will show daily updates on the most important local stories as selected by that newsroom. The service claims it is a way for users to find valuable content from the news organizations they trust.

The service will show national and local publications within the ‘For You’ feed. Google is also adding a dedicated area where users can discover new News Showcase publications with Newsstand on Google News.

In an effort to reach a wider audience, Google indicated News Showcase will soon come to and Discover. The company also announced that since launching News Showcase in October, the number of publications that have signed on has doubled. There are now close to 400 news publications in countries such as Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, France, U.K., and Australia. The search giant said there are ongoing conversations to sign even more publications from other countries.

“As 2020 comes to a close, it is heartening to witness the progress of News Showcase and the enthusiasm from both publishers and readers around the world,” Google said.

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Google News Showcase Will Pay Publishers To Offer Select Stories Usually Hidden Behind Paywall

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