Google News To Prioritize Local News, Get Machine-Learning Paywall, And Deliver Factual Election Coverage To Eliminate Fake News Menace

Google News Initiative, an interesting annual ritual of the search giant has come up with some interesting updates, milestones and new programs that will be implemented in the new year. The Google News Initiative 2020 clearly indicates that Google is concerned about the rising menace Fake News.

In addition to fighting the unabated rise in Fake News, the Google News platform will focus on improving the visibility and coverage of local news. Moreover, the company is also attempting to enhance the revenue of news platforms by improving the subscription numbers. Google has hinted that the Google News platform will increasingly rely on Machine Learning algorithms to figure out ways to get people to accept and pay for content locked behind dynamic Paywall Technology. Below are some of the prominent Google News Initiative programs for 2020:

Google To Prioritize Local News:

Google has clearly indicated that Local News will remain one of the top priorities in the upcoming year. The company had signed a three-year partnership with U.K. publisher Archant to develop sustainable business models for local news. In accordance with the plan, Google selected Peterborough as the first site for this project.

Google confirmed Peterborough Matters will launch in the spring to provide online-only, community-driven local news. Additionally, Google also partnered with AtlanticLive to host “Informed: The New Era of Local News” in Minneapolis, Minnesota, covering a range of topics important to the future of local.

Google News To Improve Paywall Technology And Boost Subscription, Paid-Access News Platforms:

Google confirmed that the News Platform will now rely heavily on artificial intelligence to understand how readers engage with content and ultimately make the decision to subscribe. The company is working with Lee Enterprises to develop a new machine learning-based Paywall Technology.

Essentially, Google is clearly trying to get more people to pay for a subscription. It is interesting to see Google attempting to get people away from the traditional ad-driven or ad-sponsored platforms which were free for everyone. A subscription-based platform with Paywall Technology should be devoid of advertisements as the platform will be supported by paying subscribers.

Incidentally, Google has made it clear that the knowledge it gains from Paywall Technology, will be shared with the media industry. Simply put, Google is expected to leverage or offer the Paywall technology to digital media companies, who in turn, could deploy the same on their multiple platforms.

Google To Offer Affordable ‘Political Video News Packages’:

Google News claimed it was focused on connecting voters to information about candidates and issues. The search giant added that videos are the most prominent tool for quick information dissipation, but noted that producing a video isn’t accessible for many publishers. To help such local news outlets put up news videos quickly, Google confirmed it would be offering news outlets with several kinds of political video news packages on a regular basis.

Google recently partnered with the Boston Globe to develop a new elections explorer tool. Additionally, the company is working with Stringr to support local news with cost-effective video content for the 2020 U.S. Elections.

Google Earth Gets New ‘Creation Tools’ To Create A Story Map:

Google indicated that there are several new ‘Creation Tools’ for Google Earth. These tools will reportedly help journalists and news reporting platforms to turn the Virtual Globe into a customized ‘Story-Telling Canvas’. The tools will allow news reporters to create a map or story about the places that matter to the readers. Incidentally, even the readers can use the tool and create their own maps. This will enable them to consume self-curated news from specific regions.

To help journalists and users make better use of the new Creation Tools for Google Earth, Google has released new courses on their Training Center. News creators and users are urged to visit the platform and learn about them.

Alap Naik Desai
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