Google & Microsoft Work Together to Optimise Chrome: Aim to Fix The Browser’s Heavy RAM Usage

As much as one may praise Google’s browser, the Chrome, one should not forget the abysmal effect it has on the RAM. Be it multiple gigabytes or Sodium DDR4, Chrome simply devours any form of memory you throw at it. Of course, there are those multi-thousand dollar PCs that survive the cataclysmic effects of the browser but we are not talking about them. While they are the outliers, we focus mainly on typical, regular day users.

The Issue?

The issue, as the subheading states, is that Chrome is way too ahead of its time, in my opinion. While people may argue, the stuff which amazes us, found on Chrome, hogs up memory. Take image search, for example. All the images pre-load as you search using a keyword. Of course, scrolling through them becomes a breeze given that one doesn’t have to wait for them to load. Yes, we are all amazed by it but do you realize that the browser pre-loads this data onto the memory and therefore puts some strain on it.

Chrome Ram
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The issue is majorly noticeable on lower-end PCs. According to an article by Windows Latest, the lag in even opening the browser on certain, slower PCs is due the ImagePreReader pre-reading Chrome DLL. While that is a whole lot of jargon thrown at once, it should be easy to understand that there is a tiny file which a subprogram opens. On a slower/ older PC it takes a bit longer (about 1.33 seconds, according to the article).

The Solution

To overcome this problem, Microsoft has been working along with Google. The main goal is to fix the initial startup lag caused by the Chrome DLL. On a forum, a Microsoft Engineer comments on the situation and their proposed fix for it. The fix, although still in the works, has been conceptualized by the engineer and can be seen here. Both companies believe that once this is taken care of, CPU and RAM usage for Chrome would decrease as well. Although this is merely theoretical, it is interesting to know that Chrome may be memory efficient.

It also brings us to question, why aren’t Microsoft and Google working together to fix the abnormal RAM usage actively, rather than hoping that a passive approach might cater to it as well. Either way, it is way too early to tell what may happen. Only time will tell how Microsoft and Google plan to optimize the platform for the OS.

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Google & Microsoft Work Together to Optimise Chrome: Aim to Fix The Browser’s Heavy RAM Usage

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