Google Maps Now Allows Select Android Users to Create Public Events

Google has started rolling out an update for Google Maps, adding a new feature for Android users. The new feature lets users create public events. Currently, however, the feature is only available to a small number of users in select regions.

Limited Rollout

First spotted by the folks over at Android Police, the feature has also been official confirmed via the Google Maps support page. To add a new event, users will simply have to open Google Maps on their Android phone or tablet and then tap on the Contribute tab > Events > Add a public event. Just follow the next steps to finish adding an event. You will also have the option of providing an event description, an image header, as well as relevant tags.

Once you have added a public event, you can edit as well as delete your event by heading to the Contribute tab > events and then tapping on your event. However, it needs to be noted that public events will not appear on Google Maps instantaneously. It takes roughly 30 minutes for them to show up.

According to Android Police, the new feature doesn’t work as smoothly as you would expect. Some of the options such as adding a header image to an event do not work as intended at times. Others have reported that they are unable to delete public events created by them. That said, these issues are likely to be resolved by Google before a broader rollout starts happening. Eventually, this new feature will possibly be available to users on iOS devices as well as the PC.

While the ability to add public events to Google Maps could prove to be great news for businesses, there is also a possibility of some users misusing the feature. Google probably has thought of a solution to avoid that, but no specifics have been shared yet.

Tony Barratt
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