Google Makes Their Podcast Application More User-Friendly, Sharing Podcasts Now Easier

Google officially launched Google Podcasts in June this year along with an Android app and integration with Assistant and Google Home. Earlier, the app let you search for podcasts, add them to your list, subscribe, unsubscribe, etc. When Google Podcasts was launched initially, it was restricted to sharing only podcasts publishers with Google creating a tool to generate a direct link by entering a feed URL, but now, the app has added Chromecast Support, meaning, you can share shows and episodes as well.

While viewing a podcast episode, a share button will be available on the top right corner. This button will open the system share sheet to copy the link and share it directly with other apps or via direct share contact. These generated URLs for sharing work best on Android mobiles because the link will open the podcast on google podcasts directly.

On other setups such as desktop or iOS, the shared link will only open a page with the name of the podcast and the cover art provided with it. If you already have the app installed on your device, an option of “Open in Google Podcasts” will be provided, which when clicked on, takes you to the app with that particular podcast open and playing. And if you don’t have the app installed, the information is still useful as you can use it to manually open the podcast later by searching for it.

The app’s update for sharing episodes and shows is available from Google app 8.33 and nothing before that. Google has a lot rolled up its sleeve for the future of Google Podcasts. Google intends to use Artificial Intelligence to transcribe, and translate podcasts, and make them available all around the globe. Thanks to google assistant that comes with Google Podcasts, you can even ask google assistant to play you a podcast which is pretty cool.

Bijit Ghosh
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Google Makes Their Podcast Application More User-Friendly, Sharing Podcasts Now Easier

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