Google Makes Testing and Integration of Google Pay With Test Suite API That Includes Trial Credit Cards

Google is offering a way to test the development and integration of Google Pay within eCommerce platforms. The search giant has created a group that offers the Test Suite API. The group also makes trial Credit Cards and other related information available for testing and integration purposes.

Any website, particularly dealing with merchandise and selling, will benefit from the new Test Card Suite Application Programing Interface (API) from Google. By simply joining a group, Google will offer Credit Cards for testing and integration purposes.

Google Pay API Test Cards Allow-list Created For Testing And Integration:

Online retailers need reliable monetary transaction tools. Websites developers can integrate APIs easily that extend the functionality. However, developers often need to test the actual flow of the transaction, and routinely get stuck at the payment stage for lack of payment and related information.

As developers need to test the integration of Google Pay API, the search giant has created a group called “Google Pay API Test Cards Allow-list”. It contains Credit Cards that can be used for testing and ensuring the payment mechanism is working correctly.

The group has information about a few Credit Cards from all the major financial institutions. Needless to add, the information is for testing purposes only. The platform offers and supports the following Credit Cards and functions:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex card networks
  • PAN_ONLY and CRYPTOGRAM_3DS authentication methods
  • A single billing address in the US
  • Shipping addresses in the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, Russia, and Singapore

These sample credit cards are intended for use with Google’s integration checklist. To instantly view these cards in a Google Account TEST environment, simply join the user group. As a member, developers can leverage test cards to complete the integration checklist required to submit the integration with the business console and request production access. Joining and leaving the User Group is quite easy. To leave, select My membership settings and click Leave group.


Alap Naik Desai

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