Using Google Lens to Detect and Share Website URLs across Multiple Devices

Google Lens is an image recognition service that is developed by Google in 2017. The aim of this technology is to bring up all the relevant information related to the objects that you try to view using Google Lens. It is capable of doing this because of the visual analysis based on neural networks. This technology is designed for the iOS and Android operating systems.

Features of Google Lens

Google Lens enables you to search for what you see. It means that you can explore the world around you in an entirely different way. The prominent features of Google Lens are discussed below:

  • Scan and Translate Text- This feature of Google Lens allows you to translate any text in realtime. You can look up for words, add events to your calendar, call a number, copy and paste something for saving your time by making use of this feature.
  • Find a Look you Like- If you get fascinated by any outfit or a piece of furniture or anything else and you do not want to look for its details by giving its description in a browser, you can simply make use of this feature and get all the relevant information.
  • See What’s Popular on Menus- This feature enables you to look for the menus of different restaurants to decide what you want to eat without having the need to physically visiting that place. Moreover, this feature also provides you with photos and reviews from Google Maps.
  • Explore Nearby Places- This feature lets you explore popular landmarks, ratings, hours of operation, and historical facts.
  • Identify Plants and Animals- This feature lets you find out more about a plant you see or a particular breed of an animal so that you can increase your knowledge about it.

Apart from all these features, Google Lens supports 7 different languages at the moment i.e. English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Korean.

Google Lens

Benefits of Using Google Lens:

Following are the main benefits of using Google Lens:

  • It enables smart text selection and smart text search.
  • It helps you in finding more information about the things that you cannot describe in your words.
  • It gives you the ability to recognize different places and other daily life objects.
  • The Google Lens application provides a very friendly user interface.
  • Moreover, Google Lens also allows you to scan QR codes and open links.

How to Use Google Lens for Detecting URLs from PC?

In order to use Google Lens for detecting URLs from PC, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. On your PC, open up the link that you want to detect with the help of your Google Lens.
    Open the Link on your PC whose URL you Want to Capture with Google Lens
  2. Now launch the Google Lens application on your smartphone and aim the camera of your phone at the address bar on your computer screen.
    Launch the Google Lens Application on your Phone and Point your Camera to the URL that you Want to Capture
  3. As soon as you will do this, Google Lens will automatically copy that URL from your PC. Once the desired URL has been copied, you can either go to that address on your smartphone or you are even allowed to share that URL with the contacts on your phone.
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Using Google Lens to Detect and Share Website URLs across Multiple Devices

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