Google Lens Can Now Translate 100 Languages In Real Time

Google Lens has been one of the top new features Google has provided lately. It seamlessly integrates with the Google assistant and works flawlessly independent of the phone. Some OEM providers also integrate it with the native camera app the same as what Google does with its Pixel devices. It can scan any type of codes, calculate bills totals at restaurants, allows users to shop for clothes directly by taking photos, and it can copy and paste text on documents. During the Google I/O event, they announced many new features for the Google Lens. According to Android Authority, You can use two of those starting today.

The most important feature that they teased during the event was the ability to translate text in real time. They showed how it could make your life easier. You need to open the Lens and hold it in front of the text. It automatically identifies the language and translates it into your preferred language. The coolest part here is that it can also superimpose the translated text onto the real text. Google is saying that it can detect and translate up to 100 languages starting today. The feature is especially useful for tourists as they only need Google assistant to translate the signs and languages.

The other feature can be referred to as an additional feature for all the foodies out there. Apart from calculating your total, it can now scan the menus offered by the restaurants. Once you have scanned the menu, it will give an option of description. It will pull out photos of the real dishes from Google maps. The user will then have an idea of what the dish looks like in real life. From there, you can easily read the comments of the people regarding the particular dish.

Both of these features are available for all users who currently have access to the Google Assistant. The most anticipated feature, however, is still under the veil. They teased a new look of the Google Maps that can access the Google lens. Through the AR features of Google Lens, people can see as far as their destination floors.

We will have to wait for it. For further coverage on Google Lens stay tuned.


Mohsin Naeem
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