Google Is Working On Redesigning Android’s Sharing Menu

As much as we all love android its sharing interface has never been the best thing about the much beloved operating system. In fact many android lovers with a lot of grudge do admit that Apple’s iOS might be better than android in that one tiny detail, that its sharing process is much smoother. Whether or not the usefulness of the user interface has been accurately assessed is up for debate but it could always be made better and thankfully according to the following tweet from the Vice President of engineering at Android Dave Burke, that is exactly what they are working on.

Currently the sharing interface is lagging and there are multiple reasons for that. Firstly the list of apps do not remain and it is repopulated, this way every single icon is replaced on the interface every time it is re-opened making it tedious. The menu loading times are currently only one of the many problems with the overall share menu of Android OS in general. According to multiple devs from Google, fixing this particular problem has become a priority for them and the menu will now be designed in a way that keeps speed in mind (Schoon, 2018). The newer model will apparently populate the menu in a different way. Whereas currently it pulls data from within the phone, in this case data will be forwarded to the menu.

While admittedly this is a big change, its fixing would reverse one of the most annoying things about the android OS. As an individual user of Android I have never had too much annoyance with the share system in general and the only time it lags is in the opening of the menu. Nonetheless this needs to be fixed soon, it would be in Google’s best interests to listen to user feedback.

Indranil Chowdhury
Indranil is a Med school student and an avid gamer. He puts his absolute faith in Lord Gaben and loves to write. Crazy about the Witcher lore, he plays soccer too. When not playing games or writing, you can find him on 9gag spreading the Pcmasterrace propaganda.

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Google Is Working On Redesigning Android’s Sharing Menu

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