Google Introduces New Service That Picks & Prints From Your Google Photos App

Google tends to innovate with one thing in mind: You. That is the Google motto. It always looks after its users and what they may want. Google photos is a very good example of that. Providing users free unlimited photos storage on the cloud. As part of a new development, Google is planning on starting a new service.

According to an article from the Verge, being quoted originally from 9to5Google, Google is to introduce a new service which would charge a premium. For $7.99, Google will select 10 random photos from your Google Photos library and take physical print outs of them to send to you. These would be regular 4×6-inch prints on photo paper but the good thing about it is that Google’s algorithm chooses these photos for you.

How The Service Works:

How this works is that there are three options out of it. Users can choose out of a couple of options. These options may include “people with pets”, “landscapes” and the final option is that of the system to choose the photos randomly. The element of surprise in this is the best part. Right now, Google does give you the option of having photos printed on order. While this is all good, it would be an extra hassle, having to order. Another good thing is the fact that it would bear a nonchalant nature to it. An element of surprise.

Currently, one photo comes out to be 0.79$. This is quite a steep price. Even for Google’s regular rates, these are a bit high. Otherwise, Google charges 0.25$ per picture which is printed from its Walmart kiosks. Regardless, this was still a mysterious and cute vibe to the entire idea. Currently, the service is just available in the US. Users may sign up for the service from an in-app banner which can be seen in certain apps for users.

Sarmad Burki
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Google Introduces New Service That Picks & Prints From Your Google Photos App

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