Google introduces Media key functionality with Basics functions like Play, Pause, and Stop in Chrome 73 Update

Google, while having a significant impact on how we interact with the internet, has established itself quite well in the market. Perhaps it was when they introduced their web browser, Chrome, back in 2008. Since then, their browser has evolved quite a bit to what it will be, come its update 73.

Chrome Over the Years

After its initial release in 2008, the Chrome browser received periodic updates by Google. Continuing on that spree, it was in 2010 the Webstore was introduced for it. It opened up the world of applications, even games for a browser, the latter was something quite innovative. Updates continued to roll, making Google Chrome an all-in-one solution for most day to day tasks. From opening PDFs on your browser to even watching movies, if one does not have a relevant video player. Google was keen to link this with the cast functionality, allowing users to view not only their web pages but also their media content on the big screen. Another useful feature added was the google translate integration. This allowed for people to access language specific websites which were not readable or a hassle to read before.

Chrome 73 Update

Media Keys
Media Keys supported by the new Chrome Update 73

The latest update for the browser carries more functionality with it. The Chrome 73 update will be supporting media key functionality. While this was doable before with third-party extensions and tools, Google has added the feature, officially. Basics functions like play, pause, stop, next and previous would be available to use, even in the background. The update would be beneficial for people who consume media in the form of Youtube music playlists. The update is set to come out next month for all major platforms. Sadly for the Linux users though, they will see the update after everyone as Chrome for Linux would be updated later on. Other features and nitty-gritty details can be found on Google’s very own developer forum here.

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Google introduces Media key functionality with Basics functions like Play, Pause, and Stop in Chrome 73 Update

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