Google Introduces Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative To Track Security Threats By third-party OEMs

Apple is quite secure in the cyberspace. This is because of the extreme monitoring done by the company. Not to mention, the closed eco-system that Apple provides to its users allows for a safe space. Even then, there have been incidents which have resulted in grim results. On the Android side of things, it is a bit more complicated. Being an open-source platform, there are a number of brands using the Android name. While there are security measures taken, the in-house Pixel devices, naturally, get the best treatment from Google. In order to bridge that gap, Google is embarking on introducing a new initiative so that non-Pixel devices have a more secure platform as well.

Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative

In the new Google Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative, Google introduces this new scheme where people and or developers can report vulnerabilities in the system. Covered by XDA-Developers, the article talks about how Google does have existing programs and this new layer of security just adds to the concept of a secure platform altogether.

The article states that this is directed towards third-party OEMs which make use of Google’s open-platform service. There were signs in a pre-loaded browser in certain devices which linked towards illegal information tracking and recording. While the issue was noted by some developers to Google and they released a security patch and an app update, this did raise certain concerns. Google wants to curb this issue altogether and thus the APVI is introduced.

As part of the program, on their link, Google would tell users about security concerns in devices and how people should tackle these. Additionally, as the article states, companies such as ZTE, OPPO and Huawei have been reported and dealt with.


Sarmad Burki

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