Google Integrates Advanced Protection Program with the Chrome Browser

With the digital age upon us, the most valuable asset today is information. As we continue to digitise that information, protecting it is like safeguarding all the gold in Fort Knox. It is true, with information, one may never know what someone else can manipulate it into or gain from it. We are pushed towards a cloud system where all the information resides in the hands of the companies offering them. To access it and or anything, we refer to the internet, actively downloading and or uploading bytes and bytes of data.

In order to protect users from hackers and manipulators out to get these sensitive pieces of information, Google started the Advanced Protection Program. Google initially introduced the system with its Gmail accounts and other services related to it. By forming a two-factor authentication protocol, users would make it difficult for hackers to bypass the system. With the two-factor protocol, they would be password protected and in order to log in, one would have to receive an OTP (One Time Password) to authenticate the login request. In a recent announcement on Google’s Blog, the tech giant has extended this service to the Chrome platform as well.

Google’s Advanced Protection Program would restrict risky downloads to protect users from phishing and other malware attacks- Google

Mainly to protect users from phishing and malware attacks, the Advanced Protection Program provided an additional layer of security to people’s email accounts. In the case of Chrome, this works a bit differently. Given that hackers are not only restricted to email anymore, but malware and phishing attacks are also quite common via downloads as well. To protect users from these attacks, Google has added an extra layer of security to the browser. What this would do is simply add additional warnings to download requests which the system would learn from. The browser would, over time learn from the trends and improve on its protocol. In some cases, the browser would restrict the user from downloading the file altogether.

Google plans to protect its users with this new protocol and in my opinion, it is quite useful and must have feature. For users, they can have the “sync now” option on to avail the service. For enterprise users, Google has extended it to Google enterprise memberships and GSuite apps which the companies can get registered to, for the service.

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Google Integrates Advanced Protection Program with the Chrome Browser

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