How to Fix Google Home Hub not Dimming Automatically?

Google Home Hub (now Google Nest Hub) is a smart automation Hub by Google. It is pre-loaded with plenty of features and new features are added frequently via updates. One of the best features of the Google Nest Hub is Ambient EQ. If Ambient EQ is enabled (which is enabled by default), then the Google Nest Hub will dynamically adjust the brightness and colour temperature of the display to create a non-intrusive display. Ambient EQ uses a sensor to match the display brightness and colour temperature to the surrounding light of the environment. When Ambient EQ is enabled and the screensaver is on, then the colour adjustment of the Nest Hub causes photos to look like real printed paper photos, not an electronic display. To achieve this effect, Ambient EQ dims the screen automatically when the surrounding lights are turned off.

Google Nest Hub

But the problem arises when Ambient EQ is not working and the Google Nest Hub doesn’t dim at all. Even a factory reset doesn’t solve the problem. And now the interesting part, the Ambient EQ settings are enabled in the Google Home app. So, what to do?

In fact, Google Nest Hub has a hidden screen settings menu, where Ambient EQ can be disabled. And this setting can override any other Ambient EQ settings of Google Nest Hub. To enable Ambient EQ in this setting, follow the steps below:

  1. Swipe Up from the Screen of Google Nest Hub.
    Swipe Up From Down
  2. Near the bottom left of the popup menu, tap on the brightness icon (sun icon).
    Click On Brightness Icon
  3. Now a screen will be displayed with a slider to increase or decrease from 0 to 10, once again tap on the brightness icon (sun icon). If you use the slider to control the brightness on this menu, then Ambient EQ will be disabled.
    Click on Brightness Icon When Slider Is Shown
  4. Now an “A” will appear in the brightness icon (sun icon) and the message “Ambient EQ on” will be displayed at the center of the screen.
    Ambient EQ on

Now Google Nest Hub will adapt to the surrounding light of Environment. This is quite a simple issue to fix but was made harder only due to non-intuitive design.

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How to Fix Google Home Hub not Dimming Automatically?

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