Google Drive Plugin in Microsoft Office Is Being Deprecated

Microsoft is shutting down the Google Drive plugin in MS Office that has existed for four years. This plugin was very handy for users of Google Drive wanting to manage their files in Outlook.

Microsoft is displaying a deprecation notice to users in MS Office notifying them of the change being made. The notice exclaims that the Google Drive plugin will no longer exist after June 26 this year. This is bad news for the ones using the plugin to combine the functionality of two good services from different companies.

Deprecation notice

The reason being explained by Microsoft for this sudden move is that they are planning on bringing a whole new plugin as a replacement which will include “extra functionality”.

The deprecation notice also informs users to install Backup and Sync or Drive File stream to keep using the service. According to Techdows, “With this change, Drive File Stream can now save and open drive files through the regular menu instead of using the interface provided by the plugin.” If you are a user of Drive File stream, it is advised that you update it as soon as possible.

The entry of the new plugin will enable Microsoft Office users to take advantage of Drive services like saving attachments from outlook to drive, attaching drive files from and to outlook messages as an inbuilt functionality in the regular menu in Outlook.

Sahas Arya
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