Google Does Damage Control After Chrome Faces A lot Of Backlash For Automatic Sign In Feature In Recent Update

The first thing that most of us noticed was the UI redesign in the latest chrome update underlying which were many small and big changes alike that were not as easy to catch the eye. One of these was the feature that would automatically sign people into Chrome when they sign into a spate Google service such as Gmail.

Google faced a lot of criticism this past week as even security experts are calling out Google for breaching individual’s privacy and point that this is a method which involves tricking the less technically adept people into sharing or rather handing over more data to Google.

Since the discovery of this feature and all the bashing around it Google has pledged to offer more controls over these new changes. In a recently blog post by the Chrome product manager Zach Koch responds to the criticism by telling the public that Chrome will be equipped with measures to disable this automatic sign in feature.  Note that even though the new update will bring a feature to disable the automatic login, it appears that the automatic sign in feature will be set as a default property for users on Chrome, which means that you will manually have to go and disable that setting if you want to opt out of it. You can read the entire blog post here.

Even after addressing the issue, many people are not convinced with how lightly Google is taking privacy and data’s importance as a user’s property. Matthew Green, a professor at John Hopkins University lashed out against Google for the new Chrome update as he wasn’t convinced with Google’s explanation in their blog post. “The Chrome developers claim that with ‘sync’ off, Chrome has no privacy implications. This might be true. But when pressed on the actual details, nobody seems quite sure” Green wrote in his blog post labeled “Why I’m done with Chrome”.

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Google Does Damage Control After Chrome Faces A lot Of Backlash For Automatic Sign In Feature In Recent Update

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