Google Confirms Chrome 77 Breaks Printing For Google Calendar, Suggests A Fix

Google rolled out Chrome 77 a couple of days ago with a slew of improvements. Some highlights of this version are a faster Lite Mode, a contact picker, the ability to send links to other devices along with other features.

Apart from all these interesting features, this version introduced different bugs as well. Some people experienced problems while printing from Google Calendar. Google has finally confirmed this issue in a support article.

Google Calendar is experiencing an issue printing from the most recent version of Chrome (77.0.3865.75).” Thankfully, there is a workaround: simply download your calendar as a PDF, and print the exported PDF.

So if you are also affected by this issue, you can download its PDF version and print directly from it.

Workaround for Netgear Login Pages Blocking Issue

Unfortunately, Google Calendar printing issue is not the only bug that affected Chrome 77 users. People who are running the Chrome 77 failed to get to the admin pages of their Netgear routers. As soon as they try to login with their credentials, they face any of the two situations. They either see the 401 authorization error or redirected to the password recovery page. This issue was reported a number of times on Reddit and Netgear’s support forums.

So people on the Netgear forums (including me) have been noticing that when we try to login too ur router page ( we are meet with a 401 unauthorized error message. It wont even give us a chance to enter in our password.

The worst thing about this issue is that many people don’t know that they are affected by a bug. It is because of the fact that most of them don’t log in the admin pages. Furthermore, this bug mainly affects users with network-attached storage equipment. It restricts them from uploading, downloading and sharing data.

Google and Netgear acknowledged the problem and promised to provide a fix very soon. Meanwhile, the company suggested its users that they should use Edge or Firefox in order to log in to the admin page. In addition, the company recommended its users that they should the upcoming firmware updates.

Alex Schoff
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