Google Chrome’s Ad Blocking Feature to Roll Out Worldwide on July 9

Google has made an announcement that it is expanding its ad blocking feature in Chrome browser to the whole world starting July 9. The initiative of Ad-blocking was introduced with Chrome version 71 back in December in collaboration with the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA), which is an organization that works for the interests of the users of the internet and designs guidelines for ads to be shown on web pages.

The initiative of optimizing ads for the consumers had begun with U.S., Canada, and Europe earlier. Now the CBA is planning to improve the user experience on the internet worldwide by expanding its Better Ads Standards to all countries and Google is complying with them. From July 2019, Chrome will filter these 12 types of ads that cause an intrusive experience for the users. These include pop up ads and ads with autoplay videos.

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The outcome expected here is not actually blocking ads but to control in what way the websites can show these ads on the internet. The aim is to make sure these ads do not disrupt the experience or cause annoyance to the users. The admins are required to follow the guidelines issued by CBA to show any ads on their website. According to Chrome’s senior director of product, Ben Galbraith, two-thirds of the publishers who were not following the Better Ads Standards are already in good standing as suggested by the reports of the campaign in North America and Europe.

Google has issued a guide for best practices that admins must follow and any websites that are non-compliant to the Better Ads Standards after July 2019 will face ad-blocks on their pages.

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Google Chrome’s Ad Blocking Feature to Roll Out Worldwide on July 9

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