Google Chromecast vs Android TV: Which one is the Best fit?

Competition is what keeps the world on toes as new technologies keep on advancing. This leads to the introduction of new products into the market each day. Since the best in the market achieves numerous customer votes, there is a zeal to outshine the best product by other upcoming products. This is the case for Android TV and Google Chromecast which are in a stiff competition to prove which is the best overall.

Google Chromecast
Google Chromecast

After an in-depth analysis and extensive research of the two, we were able to come up with a detailed comparison between these two streaming devices. Therefore, be sure to take a tour on this page and you will find out which of these two devices stands out. Both Google Chromecast and Android TV play a crucial role in the smart TV experience, therefore, you will need one of them to take home.

What is Google Chromecast?

This is one of the finest streaming devices by Google. It is designed to allow you to watch movies, listen to videos, play games, and use various apps from the internet on your TV. With your mobile phone or laptop, you can be able to stream the video contents on the TV with the help of mobile as well as web apps such as Chromecast app.

This streaming device is plugged into the HDMI port of your TV and then with the help of Google Home app, you will be able to connect it to the internet. Once it is properly set, you can now find the content you want to watch, play or listen to on your mobile device or Chrome browser and then cast it to your TV using the Google Chromecast.

What is Android TV?

This is another incredible digital media player developed by Google. It was developed a year after the release of Google Chromecast and is taking the world by storm with its great features and massive popularity. It is known to have all the features of Google Chromecast and much more like the ability to use Google Assistant, running many apps, and playing games among others.

Android TV Box
Android TV Box

Therefore, there is much to put on the table here while deciding which of these two devices makes much sense to you. Moreover, Android TV gives you full control of your TV through your mobile device by either playing, watching or streaming video and audio contents. Also, the Android TV powers some smart TVs from manufacturers such as Sony, Asus, and Hisense just to mention a few.

Google Chromecast vs Android TV: User Interface

The most captivating thing from any device is the ability to have an incredible user interface. A simple and intuitive user interface allows you to navigate easily through the device. Therefore, the user interface of a device is one of the most important considerations to put in place while selecting the best streaming device to settle for.

Google Chromecast User Interface
Google Chromecast User Interface

So, if you are so much into the interaction with the streaming device, Google Chromecast might not be the right choice for you. This is because this device does not have a user interface. All it does is to replicate the contents from your phone, tablet or computer. You, therefore, get the exact user interface as that of your mobile devices.

On the other side, Android TV has the finest human interaction feature which offers a user-friendly interface. With the help of your phone’s app or remote control, you are in a good position to take control of the Android TV. Also, the Android TV provides you with the ability to install apps directly on the device rather than installing the apps on your phone or computer, therefore, allowing for the proper functioning of the Android TV. This streaming device, thus, edges out the Google Chromecast in terms of the user interface.

Google Chromecast vs Android TV: Gaming

In this current era, there is a massive emergence of gaming enthusiasts all over the world who consume most of the leisure time gaming. Therefore, to enjoy the gaming experience, you ought to have streaming media services that will handsomely provide you with this gaming feature.

Gaming with Chromecast is quite cumbersome as you will still need to use your mobile phone for controls. This lowers the fun of gaming since you will be experiencing a frequent lag between your mobile phone and your TV. Therefore, in the case of fast-paced games, using the Chromecast is likely to be rendered unsuitable. However, playing slow-moving games like Solitaire or quizzes won’t be difficult.

Furthermore, for Chromecast, most games do not have the adjustable resolution with the TV screen. Therefore, this leads to a bad gaming experience as the games become blurry to look at and with unclear visibility. Also, it beats logic to play games with your phone while looking at the TV screen. This creates an awkward experience.

Unlike the Chromecast, gaming with Android TV allows you to enjoy the top-notch gaming experience. This, therefore, makes it the favorite device for gaming enthusiasts. Most Android TV devices can be paired with gaming controllers while some of the models like the Nvidia Shield comes with the gaming controller in the box making it easier for you to play your favorite games.

Moreover, there are a sheer number of Android TV supported games available on the Google Play Store. This involves the Grand Theft Auto, Thimbleweed Park, NBA Jam, Pac-Man, and Asphalt 8 among others.

Google Chromecast vs Android TV: Availability of Apps

Another good motive to put into thought while purchasing streaming devices is the availability of apps. There are a vast number of streaming services available, therefore, gaining access to most of them is more advantageous than just the major ones. Therefore, we are going to find out which of these two streaming devices offers the highest availability of useful apps.

Android TV Box Apps
Android TV Box Apps

For Chromecast, there a good number of supported apps available with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Spotify being the popular ones. You will need to have these apps among other streaming apps in your phone so that you may be able to cast the content on your TV screen. The Chromecast, therefore, is dependent on your phone as the source of transmitting content on your TV.

On the contrary, Android TV is a stand-alone device that easily allows you to download and install various apps on Android TV. It does not require a third party for you to be able to play the video and music contents on the screen. The Android TV has all the high-profile viewing apps just one click away. These apps include the Netflix, Plex, Kodi, MX Player, AirScreen and much more.

Even more, the Android TV has an added advantage which is the support for Google Cast option. This opens any Android TV device up to every service available on Chromecast. It also has support on certain devices for Amazon Instant Video which is good news for anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Google Chromecast vs Android TV: Performance

The performance of any streaming device on your screen is also one of the crucial things you have to consider. The quality of the performance would involve mainly the speed and the streaming experience. Cheaper streaming devices come at a cost since most of them tend to slow down significantly after some time. Therefore, considering the performance of the device is such an important consideration to put into place.

With Chromecast Ultra, you will get to enjoy the top speed functionality. All you have to do is to simply get your phone, open up the app, and cast. Once that is done, your selected content will immediately begin to stream. This will just take little of your time, thus, giving you a good speed experience.

Also, the Chromecast Ultra will provide you with the best quality of viewing as it is capable of supporting 4K video streaming. The newer models also have an added feature which is the ability to have stronger Wi-Fi antennas. This will allow you to stream faster, therefore, boosting your speed performance.

The Android TV here has been edged out by the Chromecast in terms of speed performance. This is because there are several activities on the platform that are known to consume much time. This involves the apps loading after powering up as well as navigating through the user interface. Also, it will take lots of time with the long process of navigating the TV user interface versus what is on your phone.

Google Chromecast vs Android TV: Features

You also have to consider what features does a product offer before buying it. Due to the stiff competition among the streaming devices, each of them is trying so hard to outshine the other. This, therefore, comes to considering the number of supported features by the streaming device. In this case, the Android TV box has all the features of Chromecast and much more.

Android TV allows you to run a good number of apps from the Play Store with ease. You can also play games comfortably and enjoy the ability to use Google Assistant, thus, making it easier to communicate. Moreover, Android TV is a fully functional device which has apps which directly connect to the TV with the need to use your phone or computer. This is not the case for Chromecast which relies on your phone as the source of the contents.

Even more, the latest versions of Android TV box have more functionalities in them. They have higher processing power as well as greater connectivity options than the Chromecast. For instance, the latest stream free Android Smart TV box has 2 USB ports, HDMI port, an optical port, an ethernet port, an A/V port, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options. Also, most of them come with an advanced keyboard remote control.

Google Chromecast vs Android TV: Cost

The price of a commodity is also one of the deciding factors when selecting a streaming device. You ought to select the device whose price is within your reach. However, the best quality of any given product comes with a price. Therefore, you might need to dig deeper into your wallet to get the best of the products available.

For Google Chromecast, there are two options available for purchase, that is, the standard Chromecast which costs approximately $35 and the Chromecast Ultra which comes at approximately $70. You might also find that some smart TVs have the Chromecast built-in feature, therefore, saving you the budget of acquiring one.

On the other side, there are several options available for purchase ranging from cheap to expensive ones. The cheap types include the Xiaomi Mi Box which costs approximately $50, the MXQ Android Box costing approximately $35, and others like the DIY Raspberry Pi solution. The quite costly ones include the Nvidia Shield which ranges between $200 – $300 depending on the model. Therefore, the price of Android TV is significantly higher than that of Chromecast due.

Google Chromecast vs Android TV: Conclusion

Now that you have a clear view of the above streaming devices, you can now easily pick out the best fit for you. The Android TV box outshines Google Chromecast in quite several ways. However, it does not write off the Chromecast completely especially when you would not want to dig deeper into your wallet.

Therefore, with an amazing user interface, an incredible number of features, availability of apps, best gaming, and finest overall functionality among others, the Android TV stands out to be the best, hence, the best pick for you here.


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