Google Chrome Users Will Be Able to Install PWAs from Omnibox with Chrome 75

In January this year, Google pushed out an update to Chrome which allowed users to directly install desktop PWAs by selecting “Install to desktop” in Chrome’s tools menu after visiting a PWA’s site. This although was supported in the stable version of Desktop Chrome but required a little bit of tweaking beforehand. The relevant flags had to be enabled.

In the latest version of Chrome Canary, when you visit any Progressive Web App site, an option pops up in the omnibox itself allowing to install the PWA to Chrome. Until now, this feature existed but only after enabling the “Desktop PWAs installable from Omnibox” flag. From now, this is enabled by default in Chrome Canary. Google is working to make this a default feature of stable Chrome browser as revealed by “Surface PWA installation in the omnibox”.

The results are expected to reflect in Chrome 75. Whenever you will visit a site that supports PWA, you will see a ‘+’ in the omnibox near the Bookmark star which will enable the installation of the PWA onto Chrome.

Option to install the PWA in Omnibox

If you wish to try this feature out right now, you can do so by using the latest version of Chrome Canary. Visit any PWA site and you will see the ‘+’ icon in the omnibox from where you can install the PWA in Chrome.

You can see all installed PWAs or uninstall any by visiting chrome://apps.-

Sahas Arya
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