Google Chrome Update Brings A UI Revamp And New Password Manager With More Accurate Auto Filling

Google Chrome is the go to browser for most people. With a simple UI and great performance, it has been the most dominant browser for quite sometime.

Today Google dropped a big update for Chrome, on it’s 10th Birthday. There are a lot of changes, including a UI revamp, a new password manager and more.

New UI on Chrome Source – DroidLife

You can see the visual changes here, the edges on the browser have been softened. The search bar also comes with rounder corners now. It also has a new color palate, which are a bit on the cooler side, being easy on the eyes. Although, people on beta builds have already received these changes before.

Password Manager on Chrome Source – DroidLife

The password manager on Chrome was quite useful, but wasn’t always reliable. Google has improved this functionality with the recent update. The new password manager will be more accurate in filing out your saved details like address, name, phone, card number ect. The new manager will also be able to generate strong passwords for other websites and store them in your Google account. These passwords will auto fill when you login next time. This way you will be able to create strong passwords, without memorizing them.

The search bar also got a few changes. Now you will be able to get answers of simple questions, without the need of opening a new tab. This includes simple calculations, event informations, weather ect.  “Switch to tab” option will also be displayed, if a website is open on an old tab and you try to open it in another tab.

No need to open a new tab for simple questions

Finally, Google will now let you customize the “New Tab” page. You will be able to put your favorite sites and shortcuts on it. Infact, you will be able to customize it further with your own background image, displayed on the page.

Google also put out a update for Chrome 69 for it’s developer community, there’s now added support for CSS Scroll Snap which allows developers to create smooth, slick, scroll experiences, Display cutouts which lets devs use the full area of the screen, including any space behind the display cutout, sometimes called a notch and Web Locks API which allows devs to asynchronously acquire a lock, holding it while work is performed, then releasing it.

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