Google Chrome to Notify You of Resource Intensive Pages

The Canary channel of Google Chrome now allows you to set data restrictions and warns you about heavy-usage websites.

A lot of us might have eliminated data usage concerns with cheap unlimited internet packs. However, data usage is still a concern for a huge chunk of internet users. To address those concerns, Google Chrome is working on adding a bunch of tweaks to give you more control of your data.

Recently, XDA reported that the Canary version of Google Chrome can now restrict websites from using more than 1 MB of data. If Chrome detects that the site uses more than 1 MB, it will show you a dialog box warning you about that, and then you can choose to load or close that page.

Screenshot from Canary build, Source: XDA News

Enabling the Feature

In order to use the data warning feature, you will have to be on the Canary channel of Google Chrome. Once you are on Canary, you can navigate to the following URL – chrome://flags/#enable-heavy-page-cappingand then set the flag to Enabled (low).

Once you do that, Chrome will give you a warning each time a website uses more than 1 MB of data. When fully launched, it is anticipated that this feature will be available on most platforms which support Chrome – Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS and Android.

The only caveat currently is that the data warning might only work on web pages that allow a “pause sub-resource request.”

Still in Experimental Stages

Since the data warning feature is only in Canary mode, it is still in need of heavy development. The Chrome team might work on it to remove bugs and add it to the stable version of the browser or scrap it entirely. There is certainly a lot of potential in the idea, though. Google could develop it to allow a user-set data limitation rather than the default 1 MB, or automatically stop loading the page if it crosses the limit. This would give Chrome the much-needed edge of being the most data-friendly browser.

The data restriction isn’t the only feature set to look forward to in Chrome’s new updates. We also now have features which allow you to customize the new tab, as well as a complete re-design of the Chrome interface on the way. There are hence a lot of improvements and fixes coming to the browser, and they will give Chrome a timely boost over its competition.

Nishant Kauntia
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