Google Chrome PWAs Will Now Show Badges For Notifications

Rather than showing notifications, PWAs will now show badges to notify users

Google is making slow changes to its Chrome that may be small but are effective. The recent new feature that has been introduced for Chrome is the introduction of experimental badges for Progressive Web Apps. Prior to the introduction of badges, Google Chrome adopted the dark mode theme as well as the early version preview tab in the browser.

Google Chrome Badges Feature

According to reports, the badges feature comes in the new Chrome 73 beta update. The feature will function for those PWAs that are installed through Chrome. Once the PWAs are pinned to the taskbar, they will show a badge for any notification or unread message. Pinned PWAs like Twitter will be able to display any notification that users will receive from the social networking website.

The badges feature will make it easier for the users to go through their notifications or unread message. so whenever a new activity will take place, users will be notified through these badges that they need to pay attention to it. The display of badges is part of a new API platform that allows apps to show notification badges to the users.

The reason for using badges is that they are friendlier that notifications and can update at a higher frequency. Unlike notifications, badges don’t disturb users by interrupting them while working. There is no permission required to use badges in Chrome. They will be present in your browser when you open it. Right now, the badges feature is not available to the masses as it is being tested with beta users only. The company has not given any estimated time as to when the feature will be available for everyone.

Other Chrome 73 features

There are quite a few features that have been added in Chrome 73. One such feature that has been introduced is to control video through control keys. You can now pause and play any video with the help of your keyboard. Copying URL from Android version has now become easier than before with new buttons added on the address bar.


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