Fix: Google Chrome crashes on Windows 10

Microsoft released the Windows 10 Insider Preview initiating a new era of Windows 10 updates by bringing more features to the OS. Windows 10 Insider Preview that is Build # 10525 has got a deep hole for Google Chrome.

It looks pretty scary and hundreds of people have reported this problem with Google Chrome inside their Windows 10 Build 10525. In order to solve this issue, you would like to know the reasons causing this crash.

Google Chrome crashes after launch and all the tabs become unresponsive displaying an Aw, Snap error like in the picture below.

chrome crashes windows 10 - 1

Reasons Behind Google Chrome Crash:

This crash is found to be occurring inside the 64-bit version of Windows 10 Build 10525. So, it is causing the crashing issue which can be resolved through the following methods mentioned below.

Solutions to Fix Google Chrome’s Crashing Problem:

There are only a few solutions to fix it as Google Authority hasn’t found a better solution to fix it yet. So, you can use the following methods to get chrome back to work.

Method # 1: Using the no-sandbox Flag:

The major reason behind the Google Chrome crash is the Sandbox. It insists the 64-bit version of Chrome to crash. So, in order to fix and retain the 64-bit version of Chrome, use the no-sandbox flag. This is a great fix but it is not recommended as it puts the Chrome out of its sandboxed state and makes it prone to attacks. If you are still good with it, then you can use it.

In order do this; right click on the Google Chrome shortcut present at the Desktop and select Properties.

chrome crashes windows 10 - 2

Inside the properties, find the Shortcut Tab at top and select it to view its content. Inside this tab, find the Target field and click on the text. Go to the end of text and press the Space key only one time. Type the following text after pressing Space.


chrome crashes windows 10 - 3

Click on Apply and then press OK. Use the shortcut to open the Google Chrome and hopefully, it will open without crashing.

Method # 2: Reinstalling 32-bit version of Google Chrome:

If you don’t want to use the no-sandbox flag and you know its consequences, then you might want to uninstall the 64-bit version of Google Chrome and reinstall a 32-bit version of it. It would surely help you out by solving the crashing issue with Google Chrome.

You can uninstall the 64-bit version of Chrome by going to Control Panel > Program and Features and double clicking on the Chrome application. After uninstalling the Chrome, download the 32-bit version of Chrome from here. After downloading, install it and you will be happy with the outcomes.

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Fix: Google Chrome crashes on Windows 10

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