Google Chrome Version 71 Update Brings A New Ad-Filtering Feature

Google recently released Chrome version 71 that brings features focused on security including tweaks and the spotlight of all, an ad-filtering feature.

Google Chrome New Ad-Filter.

Whether it be an Android device or a PC, Google Chrome is the browser preferred the most. Devs at Google have been working tirelessly to provide a smoother and better user experience. Many websites have been showing malware containing ads or unnecessary mouse pointer ads. For getting rid of these ads, Google rolled out a new update.

Google promised users an Adblocker not so long ago and had been working on it since. In Chrome 71, the latest Google Chrome version a new ad-filtering system has been introduced. This feature auto-blocks the ads containing inappropriate or so-called abusive experience. The websites showing any of the following type ads shall have their ads blocked by Chrome:

  • Phishing
  • Auto-Redirecting
  • Mouse Pointers
  • Malware or Unwanted Software
  • Misleading Branding Ads
  • Unexpected Click Areas
  • Misleading Website Behaviour

A new feature in Google Search console will allow website owners to see if their website has been flagged for containing any abusive case. A 30 day time period will be given to them to fix it or Chrome will remove it. The new Abusive Experience Report section will provide details and flag any inappropriate content found on the website.

This update is quite an important one as almost everyone once came across clicking a malware containing ad and got their PC messed up. However, if for some reason you want to disable this filter, it can be done so by going to chrome://settings/content/ads.

Furthermore, this new update brings many more security-focused features. Chrome will now show warnings about pages fooling you to subscribe to mobile subscription plans and removal of inline API.

All users have now been provided with Google Chrome 71. To update navigate Help>About Google Chrome and it’ll automatically check and download the latest Chrome update.

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Google Chrome Version 71 Update Brings A New Ad-Filtering Feature

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