Google Camera Update 7.5 Reveals Features Like Motion Blur & Audio Zoom: No Mention of a Pixel 5 XL

Google just pushed the version 7.5 update for Google Camera app. This update is made available to some people running the beta version of Android 11. From that update though, many things have been extrapolated. Some are features which would be great on current devices. Meanwhile, some features actually tell us about future Pixel devices: The Pixel 4a and The Pixel 5.

According to a post on 9to5Google, there are a bunch of new features to report. These are found from the different lines of code present in the app update itself. According to them, mainly these features are Motion Blur, Audio Zoom and Flash Intensity.

Motion Blur

Briefly going over each, we start off with Motion Blur. Motion blur is that natural way objects look when captures from a DSLR. You may have noticed that these things resonate at a different rate than our camera sensor and thus can be blurred out. Similarly, this is how our eyes work too with faster moving objects. Camera phones tend to skip this and capture at a higher shutter speed to capture every detail. Now, with this feature, Google aims to emulate the true DSLR effect in the app.

Audio Zoom

Secondly, we have the Audio Zoom. Again from the line of code in the app, developers have been able to enable it but they haven’t been able to apply it. Perhaps this is a feature for the future phones requiring a hardware upgrade as well. Thus, it tells us that the future Pixel 5, probably, or maybe even the Pixel 4a (unlikely) may possess this ability.

Flash Intensity

Lastly, we come over to Flash Intensity. Now, Google has been taking advantage of its Night Sight photography for quite some time now but its time it upgrades it. So, flash photography comes to mind. Now phones usually have either an on or an off mode for the flash. Google wishes to change that and there would be an intensity setting to make sure objects are linearly lit and not just blasted with the flash.

No Pixel 5 XL?

From the update, information on upcoming devices was revealed as well. According to the source, Google may not be launching a Pixel 5 XL this year. This is because three phones were listed in the code. These were the Pixel 4a (sunfish), the Pixel 4a 5G (bramble) and the Pixel 5 (redfin). Perhaps Google wants to stay in the compact phone bracket and focus on one device. We won’t know for sure right now though.

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Google Camera Update 7.5 Reveals Features Like Motion Blur & Audio Zoom: No Mention of a Pixel 5 XL

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