Google Brings a Tool for YouTube Addicts

Time to Review Your Viewing Habits

YouTube is the biggest video content platform in the world. Owned by Google, the platform generates billions of views daily from millions of users. YouTube’s content consumption is at an all-time high, to the point where Google itself has released a tool to manage your content consumption routine.

It is great for those who binge-watch YouTube videos for hours at a time. The tool will let you track your daily, weekly, monthly content consumption. If you are spending too much time on YouTube, the feature would remind you to take a break. Moreover, you can manage the number of notifications you receive in a day.

If you want more control over when you receive notifications from YouTube, you can bundle all of your YouTube push notifications into a single notification each day and set a specific time to receive your digest. Just go to your settings to choose when you’d like to receive your digest, and from then on you’ll only receive one notification per day.

You can disable notifications completely if you wish, put them on silent and disable vibration for notifications as well.  The move will definitely make the YouTube app more accessible for its users. What’s interesting is that this feature comes not too long after a recent study that showed smartphone screens can actually blind you.

The blue light from our smartphones, tablets, monitors, and TVs, is harmful to our eyes. This is the reason why we have eye comfort mode in most smartphones these days. While this issue isn’t taken seriously by most users or media, it is not a coincidence that phones now have eye comfort and YouTube just got a feature to manage binge-watching.

YouTube’s new tool is available on most smartphone devices right now from Google, Samsung, Huawei and more. Do check it out and see if it is beneficial for you.

Source: YouTube

Sikandar Mahmood
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