Google Authenticator will soon allow users to sign into Windows 10 by using Google Account

Google is currently working on a solution for users through which they can sign up on Windows 10 through their Google Account. This move is aimed at the enterprise market where such an authenticator would be quite beneficial.

Windows 10 offers a possible integration of Credential Provider for registering the users. It is a mechanism designed for user authentication which is required when logging on to Windows and other similar authentication services. This topic has gained focus since the time companies want to provide users with the same login for different services. For instance, Microsoft right now is focusing on using Apple Watch as an authentication source.

Now, Google seems to be working on setting up Google Accounts for logging into Windows 10 in the future. It came into highlight as the corresponding code in a Chromium project was uploaded for review purposes on the code review site of the Chromium team. With the help of an appropriate Google credential provider, users can now use a Google Account for signing into Windows 10 sign-in page. Under the logo options (Microsoft account, PIN, fingerprint sensor etc.), the corresponding logo would be offered. Administrators will then be able to deploy G Suite-created Google Accounts and ID Management (GAIA) for Windows 10 sign in.

As the Google Credential Provider is installed through an executable set up, Chrome will be automatically launched when the user logs in the first time. On the next restart, the provider will be available as an additional option for sign-in.

This possible move by Google is especially aimed at corporate environments and is in fact a clever move. Through this approach, the enterprise market can further develop by the integration of Windows 10 directly into the G-suite platform. Big companies like Airbus-Industries are already switching to Google G suite. Which other companies might adopt this service in future is yet to be seen. It should be noted that the Google Authenticator feature is still in the code review process so it is possible that the entire feature is scrapped or the filenames and other information may also change. For now, it would be an interesting project to keep the focus on.

Maira Ahmed
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Google Authenticator will soon allow users to sign into Windows 10 by using Google Account

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