Google Authenticator Updated to v5.1 With Material Theme, New FAB, No Black Bar And Account Transfer Feature In Long Overdue Refresh

Google Authenticator, a must-have Two-Factor (2FA) Google Account authentication and authorization tool has received a long-overdue update. The Google Authenticator v5.1 update brings with it the Material Theme redesign that includes the colorful Google logo and eliminates the ugly black or empty bar. The update also introduces some much-needed features that make it easy and effortless to transfer accounts between devices.

Google Authenticator 2FA has always been a frequently used and a must-have platform to ensure quick and single-window authentication of a Google account that’s mandatory for using any Android smartphone as well as grant 2-step verification codes when signing-in to third-party sites. For reasons unknown, Google developed the platform but almost forgot about it for more than three years. After a few years of trying to offer authentication on rapidly upgraded Android iterations, Google has finally updated the Google Authenticator. The latest version of the same is 5.1, and it contains quite a few needed features.

Google Authenticator Receives Update After Three Years And Now Matches Modern-Day Android Layout And Functionality:

Google Authenticator is a very straightforward app that provides 2FA or 2-step verification codes when signing-in to third-party sites. The rather tiny but necessary Android app received its last update in 2017. After a three-year break, Google has offered a much-needed refresh to the Google Authenticator platform. With v5.1, the app gets a Material Theme redesign and account transfer feature.

Google Authenticator adopts the Google Material Theme by centering its logo in the top bar, while the dark theme now matches the background color found in other apps. The FAB or Floating Action Button in the bottom-right corner has also been refreshed to feature Google’s colorful plus sign.

The primary list which contains the approved and authenticated Google Accounts now shows the account names appear above the six-digit codes. They appear in blue and use the Google Sans font. The circular timeout indicator has an identical theme.

The Three Button overflow or additional settings menu has a new “Transfer accounts” option that allows users to export or import codes. This system essentially utilizes the QR barcodes. Needless to add, these are quite convenient as they completely eliminate the need to visit each service individually and set up Google Authenticator on a new device.

The Google Authenticator v5.1 Update is dynamically adjusted to take advantage of the smartphone’s entire large screen. Previously the app showed a tall black bar at the bottom. Incidentally, users cannot take a screenshot of the updated Google Authenticator. This security feature is very similar to using Chrome Incognito, during which the device passcode is required before exporting.

How To Download And Use The Updated Google Authenticator Android App:

Several third-party services still recommend or link the Google Authenticator during the initial set-up. This is one of the simplest methods to authorize access to a Google Account. It saves time and more importantly does not mandate entering a password every time.

It is highly recommended to download and start using the new Material design Google Authenticator Android App. The latest updated app is available on the Google Play Store.

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Google Authenticator Updated to v5.1 With Material Theme, New FAB, No Black Bar And Account Transfer Feature In Long Overdue Refresh

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