Google Promises Easier Audio Switching With New Technology Built on Top of Fast Pair

Switching between audio sources has always been a subpar experience, even on devices with Bluetooth multipoint. The easiest fix is to have seperate audio gear for each device, but that can turn out to be an expensive and wasteful solution. 

Thankfully, Google is working on a new audio switching technology that is built on top of Fast Pair. The system uses Fast Pair to gather more information on the audio device, as Google further explains in the blog, “Our audio switching technology builds on top of Fast Pair to use contextual information on what you’re listening to in order to switch the audio based on your actions.”

This audio is then categorised and ranked, based on user action. For example, the user can customize how the audio switches between his devices when he gets a call or just a message. Users can also switch back the audio to the original device with a single tap. 

So for example, if you’re watching a video on your tablet and you receive a notification on your phone, your headphone audio will not switch to your phone. But if you receive a phone call, your headphone audio will make the switch.

Google Blog 

This feature is only rolling out for the Pixel Buds Pro currently, and is also limited to Android phones and tablets with Bluetooth multipoint. The feature will also extend out to select Sony and JBL headphones shortly. The company does have plans to get Audio Switching on more platforms outside Android, but the blog post doesn’t delve into details. 

Indranil Chowdhury
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