Google Assistant Integration with Chrome for Android Might Be Shown off at I/O 2019

A code change in Chromium recently came to light revealing a possible integration of Google Assistant in Chrome for Android. This honestly does not come a surprise with the trending wave of tech companies sprinkling a pinch of AI on almost all online products and services.

The code change first spotted by 9to5Google, reportedly marked “for internal review”, reveals a demo of the Google Assistant using context to recommend an action and automatically performing it in Chrome for Android. The code, rather than being a functional, seems to be more of a mock-up nature of the imminent integration. With that being said, it is more than safe to assume this code is for a keynote presentation.

“In the mock up example that we may see on the Google I/O stage, the Google Assistant knows that you have an upcoming trip to Chicago. Certain websites will trigger the Assistant and download the necessary script(s) to autofill for that website. For example, navigating to could trigger the Assistant to suggest a booking based on your travel information. Should you choose to go ahead with the booking suggestion, many details of your booking will be “autofilled,” such as the dates and times and the pickup and return locations, using your flight details”, 9to5Google explains.

The artificial intelligence integration will basically use all that it knows about you, like stuff from your calendar, to trigger “Autofill Assistant” in Chrome. The current real-world applications of this feature we know so far include car rental bookings and movie ticket purchases. But the options are likely to expand to a large number of use cases as there is still plenty of time before I/O 2019.

Sahas Arya
A fellow gamer and a redditor. When not gaming i can be found binge-watching thriller shows on Netflix.