Google Assistant Can Make You A More Charitable Person Now

You can now easily donate to charities with the help of Google Assistant

Google has kicked start 2019 with a plan to make charity easier for you. The tech giant has launched an option of donating to a charity through the help of its Google Assistant. Last month Android rolled out a similar feature where it introduced a built-in option to make donations to charity from Android. But Google has gone a step further to simplify the whole process with the help of its assistant.

Google Assistant Donation Process

With Google Assistant, you can simply start the donation process by simply saying “Hey Google, donate to charity” or “Ok Google, make a donation”. The assistant will then ask you to name a charity to donate (from the list of charities available). It will also suggest you donate an average amount of $10. The amount, however, can be changed to whatever you like. The $10 is just a suggestion that the assistant gives.

Once you complete the command with the assistant, it will take you to the confirmation stage. Over here, the donors will need to select the “Donate Now” option to finalize the process. A final summary of the donation will be shown so that donors can cross-check the organization they are donating to. The assistant will then allow donors to enter their card details for payment.

To add payment options, users can go to the Payments tab in Personal info. Over there, they can add their debit/credit card details along with other details. Payment approval method of selecting fingerprint or password can also be selected from there. Before making any donations, the first thing that a user needs to do is to enable Google Assistant Payments.

Making contributions to charities have not been this easier. All you need to do is to just speak and the assistant will do the rest for you. The charity payment option right now is available in the United States only. People living in other countries like India, UK, and others will have to wait for a while to use this feature.

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Google Assistant Can Make You A More Charitable Person Now

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