Google Announces Stadia Support for OnePlus Devices: Support Goes All The Way Back To The OnePlus 5

While Google Stadia hyped up before its launch, the service proved to be quite underwhelming. That was paired with the issues in delivery and stock. All-in-all, people weren’t happy and it made us realise that cloud gaming is still far from being perfect. That didn’t stop the company from pushing itself to develop itself further. In an announcement from Google, the company announced its latest support for Android devices. This is in fact for the OnePlus devices. An article from 9to5Google covers this, explaining the nitty-gritty details as well.

The OnePlus series of devices are strong machines with quite able processors. The simple skin of android on top means that developing for the devices isn’t as complicated as it is for, let’s say, Android devices. It was recently that found out that Epic Games had upgraded their title for the OnePlus devices to take advantage of higher refresh screens. This made the OnePlus 8 series the first mobile devices to support 90Hz gameplay for the title. Now, Google has announced that the next series to be supported with Stadia would be the OnePlus series of devices. Better yet, the company has not limited this to only the latest series. In fact, the support goes all the way from the OnePlus 8 Pro to the OnePlus 5. This puts these devices in line with the pixel devices, Asus and Razer phones and Galaxy flagships from Samsung.

Now, we do not know whether this would bring in support for higher refresh rate gameplay but it is safe to assume that it may be on the table. Perhaps, it is your internet that should be questioned as the stream is dependent upon the internet speed. The article also suggests that Google may be bringing support for more devices in the near future.


Sarmad Burki

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