Google Announces Cinematic Photos Feature That Adds Artificial Depth And Motion Within Still Images

As part of its “Memories” feature, Google Photos App is getting Cinematic Photos and other features that attempt to infuse some dynamic content into still images. The search giant claims the features will bring old memories back to life with automatic 3D animation. Users merely need to update their Google Photos app to get the new features.

Google had initiated the “Memories” program sometime back. The platform attempted to offer Android smartphone users a way to relive memories. The initiative uses Machine Learning to bring back some of the best photos of users from the past years. Starting next month, Google will expand Memories to include 3D Cinematic photos, updated collage designs, and new types of Memories.

Google Photos Memories Will Offer Multimedia Cinematic Enhancements To Old Still Photos:

Once users have updated to the latest version of the Google Photos app, they will start to see new, cinematic versions of Memories as featured highlights at the top of the app’s photo grid. From there, users will be able to share their improved images with friends and family members as a short video clip.

These “new types” of Memories may include those of the most important people in life or favorite things such as sunsets, activities such as biking or baking, or whatever else seems to matter most to the users. The selection will obviously be based on the photos that users choose to upload.

Google notes that users can hide specific people or time periods in the app if there are parts of photo history they don’t want to see resurfaced in Memories. Users also can toggle off the option to be notified about Memories, if this is not a feature they like.

Google Photos’ new 3D Cinematic images are being created using machine learning that predicts the image’s depth to produce a 3D representation of the scene. Google claims the feature will work even if the original photo didn’t include depth information from the camera. After understanding the components of the images, the feature then animates a virtual camera for a smooth panning effect, the results of which are meant to make reliving the memories feel more vivid and immersive.

As Google Photos creates new Cinematic Photos, users will be alerted through a notification. The new image will appear in the recent highlights section at the top of the photo grid. Users can then choose to share that photo with friends or family, or send it as a video.

Several users of the Google Photos app may have already spotted the new collage designs, which began to roll out to some Google Photos users earlier in December. As the name implies, the feature allows users to create virtual collages that mimic scrapbooks. Instead of traditional paper-based methods, Google Photos will design the layouts using Artificial Intelligence.

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Google Announces Cinematic Photos Feature That Adds Artificial Depth And Motion Within Still Images

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