Google Adds A Way For People to Support Local Businesses: Links For Donations and Gift Cards Attached To Business Profiles

While the COVID-19 spread has wreaked havoc over the entire planet, we see that the world economy has shrunk tremendously. This has had an impact on both huge corporations and smaller merchants. While online shopping and e-commerce are being utilized to the max, businesses are still facing incredible losses. To counter this, Google has made an announcement to actually support these smaller enterprises during these hard times.

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According to the blog post from Google, the idea of this initiative is to help out smaller, local businesses. With Dominique McGowan, Program Manager, Local SMB Products, taking over in the blog, they include that they have added tools to facilitate both these businesses and the customers. These tools include updated business hours and so on. As for the main introduction, the company is adding support links for businesses. These are links to be added directly to their business profiles that are visible on Google searches. These may be gift cards, donation links, and so on. Of course, we are aware that most of these businesses may not have an active online presence and a lockdown prevents them to break even. The donation links are meant to help these businesses with the customers that wish to do so. They have the option to share information with the customers as well. This would tell them how the acquired funds are being used, giving customers peace of mind as well.

Quoting the blog, the donations and gift cards are planned out like this:

At launch, we’ve partnered with PayPal and GoFundMe for donations. For gift cards, merchants can link directly to the relevant page on their website or to their gift card offerings with one of our eligible partners, which includes SquareToastClover and Vagaro.

Currently, the service is being rolled out. It is meant to be visible by the month’s end. As for the places it would be available in: Google has started off with some major countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Google Adds A Way For People to Support Local Businesses: Links For Donations and Gift Cards Attached To Business Profiles

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