Google Adds Google Photos for Custom Background in New Tabs on Chrome Dev Versions

Google steps up Chrome's customizability with new background options.

The developer channel of Google Chrome recently received a highly-anticipated feature. The desktop version of the Chrome browser will now allow you to customize your new tab page. In the developer channel, you can set a picture from your Google Photos as the background image of the new tab page.

Google has been experimenting with the New Tab page for quite a while. Last month, they introduced a collection of wallpapers for the new tab page in the Canary build of Chrome. But now, it seems like Google is trying to make your Chrome experience more personal by allowing background images from Google Photos.

Live in Developer Channel

Earlier this week, AboutChromebooks discovered a new change on Chrome’s Gerrit that hinted at the new customization feature on Chrome. However, there was no usable interface of the feature at the time. Now, users can actually set their Google Photos as the new tab background on the developer version of the Chrome browser.

Screenshot via AndroidPolice

While this feature still is in development, it’s working version on the developer channel makes it clear that it’s probably going to reach the stable version soon.

Currently, the feature is only available on the developer version of Chrome. You also need to be signed into your Google account to access your Google photos. If you are signed in, you can go to chrome://settings/#ntp-backgrounds.  Enabling the flag will allow you to set a picture of your choice as the new tab background.

There are plenty of Chrome extensions that allow you to customize your new tab page. Perhaps, it is the popularity of these extensions that prompted Google to introduce this feature to Chrome. Whatever it was, we can now look forward to our Chrome experience becoming more intimate and personal.

The background customization also isn’t the only new thing coming to Google Chrome. The Chrome browser might be getting a whole new re-design, so we have plenty of new changes and improvements to expect.

Nishant Kauntia
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